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(from dustedmagazine)
Happener Magicker is a tasteful hodgepodge of jazzy, proggy rock songs that twist and turn and sneak down different avenues, but never completely lose their way or wind up with heads in their asses (well, maybe just a bit at the end of Side 2). There are horns and strings and all sorts of things in these numbers; some go straight for the jugular while others meander into bedroom backwards-tape free-jazz at times. For all of the bases David Bernabo tries to cover, however, he doesn’t sacrifice the essential elements of what makes a song “pop;” these are catchy and hummable tunes regardless of what genre they’re in. He’s a Yinzer on a mission – there’s some kind of anarchist collective bent here that thankfully doesn’t overshadow the music – and he’s assembled some of PGH’s best to assist him. On “Mahler Box,” he sounds like Street Legal-era Dylan while the track bops along like forgotten Boston non-punx Men & Volts. That’s a good thing, Jack. Limited to a certain number copies that will ultimately help free Mumia or some shit. (sortofrecords.com)
(Mike Pace)


released August 18, 2009

Owl Barns | Drums (4, 6, 8)
David Bernabo | Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Wurlitzer, Piano, Accordion, Electronics, Kracklebox, Percussion, Beatbox
Josh Beyer | Vocals (1), Bass (1)
Justin Brown | Double Bass (10)
Richard Brown | Vocals (1)
Lindsay Clark | Vocals (1, 3)
Lars Cleath | Trumpet (7)
Keith DeVries | Alto Saxophone (1), Vocals (1)
Will Dyar | Drums (1, 3, 7, 9, 11), Vocals (1)
Jessica Fenlon | Violin (4, 8, 10)
KG Fields | Vocals (12)
Daryl Fleming | Electric Guitar (7, 10), Acoustic Guitar (10)
Clarence Grant | Drums (5, 6, 10)
Ben Harris | Violin (2, 3, 10)
Scott Killebrew | Baritone Saxophone (6, 7)
James Kunz | Bassoon (1)
Alan Lewandowski | Vocals (1)
David Leicht | Vocals (1)
Brandon Masterman | Baritone Saxophone (6, 8, 10)
Nate McDermott | Vocals (3, 7)
Daniel Newman | Electric Guitar (3, 8), Handclaps (11)
Jairan Sedeghi | Vocals (2)
Julie Sokolow | Vocals (5, 9), Piano (9)
Steve Tesh | Vocals (1)
Megan Williams | Violin (10)



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Track Name: Ivtto
There is no life that I know that goes on like "you're my son." I'm your son.
Like a scale tugging along. There's a brave wave flashing ten golden rings saying, "Come on in. Come on in."
There's pastoral and there's bright. Wrasslin' bones, how you've grown, how you might.
I was hounded by a shell. I was hounded by a hand.
Track Name: Sub-Saharan
We are some descendants. Take us to the silver gates.
Then take me to the intelligent. Hysteria and luxury.
I'm sunburnt on TV. Take us to the silvery.
No war but but class war. Take us to the silver gates.

All hail the synthesizer, a social sympathizer
to the greatest private power. Wage for home and mental cower.
One face of art advancing. Tough love rationalism.
Gets to the predicate. Take us to the silver gates.

Hit the subs. Hit the decks. Turn my tape over.
Hit your soldier side in the head.
If I get on that, then I'm on that.
If I get out there, then I'm gone.
Track Name: The Eclipse
There is a picture of calvary.
Bound together in '70. They got out.
Carla Bley and her friend Charlie,
arranging death instrumentally.

Let me out/Let it out.
Out. Going out.
There’s a room in the floor that has one door.

I chop juke on the mainline
Green lands turn to car pine.
Get that wobbly. Tell him your home.
Get that money, throw us a bone.